Visiting one of the beneficiaries of FORDT UK funding within the livelihood project

Allugundu, Kadiri

We then drove on to a village where we had fund raised for a family to purchase a buffalo to earn by selling its milk and also to contribute its dung for the village biomass unit. The families use bio gas to cook with – they do this by using the dung and put it through a fermenting chamber and this produces gases which is then piped through, so they can cook on a camping style cooker – amazing to see!!

The young lady had cerebral palsy, 28 years young and was called Hemalatha,

 Her father had recently died and she lived with her mother.

The buffalo we had provided had stopped producing milk so thy sold it and purchased another that was in calf. The village had earned equivalent to £800.00 from selling the milk.

Hemalatha is the head if the  Disable Social group and part of the village team, she made decisions about how to move the village forward to ensure they better themselves.

She kept all the villages books and was cheerful and motivated.

Written by Gillian Goodwin