Visiting the FVF-RDT hospital in Bathalapalli

Next we went to Bathalpalli Hospital and met Dr Sudheer, the Superintendent. He is a general surgeon. We obtained very positive feedback from him about our visiting students from Chester University.

They had interacted well and donated money directly to the RDT as a voluntary contribution – to help buy nursing books etc.

It is 2 years since we had visited the hospital and they have improved things amazingly.

Appointment system’s in place

Separate baby units, they delivered 437 babies in Oct in that unit alone. They are fully staffed and the nursing superintendent really enjoys her job which shone through when we saw how passionately she talked about the changes made.

There infection rates had reduced

Women were attending for gynaecological procedures in particular sterilisation following education from the RDT staff about sexual health

Also Mr Ratnam works among a team of Surgeons, physios and operates on cases volunatarily during his visits , as well as attending Outpatient clinics, he works very hard and we admire his  passion, positivity – Excellent surgical skills



Well Done Mr RajaRatnam

We also admired the tireless work of RDT staff do help everyone they come into contact with.

Keep up the good work xxx

Written by Gillian Goodwin