Livelihood project

Adolescents in any community, once out of school find themselves at cross roads of life. it is more so for young aspirants from impoverished and marginalised societies. When social injustice and caste discrimination pile misery or such young men and women, they once again succumb to extreme views and temptations of the underworld. 

Anne and Vincent were well aware of this eventuality for all those children who grew up through their welfare schemes. Therefore they organised advise and training programs on livelihood schemes. Fruits of their effort is seen right across the project area. Beneficiaries not only earned their living, but in many cases turned out to be the sole wage earners for their families. Through their businesses they positively contributed to the societies they lived in. There are cases where these beneficiaries in turn advised and guided the younger generations where lived.

FORDT has arranged small grants to such young aspirants to invest in buying milch animals and establish small businesses like fruit and vegetable vending, provision stores, cycle mechanic shops, tailoring, barber saloon and the like. Some case studies can be found here

Apart from donating, there are a number of ways of contributing to such schemes. Anyone wanting to get involved in these schemes are welcome to contact FORDT through the webpage or email


Child sponsorship project

Women and children the worst affected in any community afflicted by poverty and illiteracy and it is no exception in Ananthapuramu district of South India. Therefore women & child welfare has been at the top of the agenda for Vincent and Anne, the founders of the Indian NGO. Before their welfare schemes took root, children suffered malnutrition, succumbed to debilitating infections, crippled by diseases like poliomyelitis and bad management of injuries. When living is made harsh by extremes of nature and communal discrimination, the handicapped is least cared for. Most of these children perished before their prime. Even the able-bodied children were induced into harsh labour, trafficking and abuse on false promises of better life.

As the NGO grew in stature Anne and Ferrer built schools for both the able-bodied and the handicapped, educated the families on community health schemes and arranged livelihood training. They set up a remarkable scheme called Child Sponsorship aimed at providing comprehensive development for a child aged about 5 or 6 years to grow into a responsible adolescent able to survive in the society independently as well as to contribute to the family and the society where possible. The fruits of this scheme is seen in all corners of the project area and has stood the test of time. The leaflet attached below explains how one could support the scheme. Interested parties or individuals may contact members of the charity through the webpage or email.